Comparison of the best Social Trading Platforms 2015

Many investors shy away due to lack of experience of investing in this market. With the Social Trading you can simply copy the trades of successful traders and so to invest their money without any special knowledge. Or you can use some of the best Binary Option Robot sites.

In the test, quickly eToro has proven to be the best Social Trading Platform. This was due to the excellent combination of trade offer, bonus and demo account and beginner friendly service.

What is there still to be considered?


Basically the same rules apply in Social Trading as when investing money in general. That is the one that high chances are synonymous with high risk. This results in respect to the Social Trading some peculiarities. Basically, the investor can initially assume that a risk-minimizing scattering in the strategies has already been created. This is true, but there is between the individual top traders in relation to their risk appetite massive differences with which the investor should employ as precisely as possible. In addition to wide and conservatively established strategies that are mainly geared towards sustainable and long-term performance, there are also a number of top traders with highly speculative strategies. In addition to the share can be deployed in this also all other possible financial products. Individual trading platforms in the field of social trading have come to specialize in specific market segments. While wikifolio classically relies on stocks, funds and indices is ZuluTrade has focused on the highly speculative Forex trading. In addition to currency ratios also binary options are traded. The provider ayondo again occupied in the area of ​​Social Trading the field of CFDs.1Social-Trading-SpotOption


Overall, therefore, the entire investment spectrum is also possible in Social Trading. Whoever goes into the Social Trading, therefore should first of his risk appetite and its preferred trading strategy the right provider to be clear on this basis to choose.Social_Trading

What the investor’s effective and serious social recognizes trading platforms?

Basically, one can assume that this act seriously on all major computer platforms. At least no case of fraud or rip-off has become known in the field of social trading date. However, the risks for the investor on a completely different plane. Since most companies have already understood rather from the segment of social trading as a platform and nothing to do with the actual management of money the customer, are responsible for the deposits in most cases is already at the custodian bank. The most important principle should always be to deal with the risk that is to be used and tune the trading budget on it. As exciting admixture any products are quite suitable. Whether investors should however a large part of their money to entrust a highly speculative aligned top trader is also recommended considering an achieved in the past dream return under any circumstances.


For whom is Social Trading Worth?

For all risks that exist in Social Trading, should this form of trading but ended up being looking at what it is really: a serious alternative to traditional financial products such as funds or ETFs. But due to the lack of control and the increased complexity of the trade concept it is recommended that you have already set by terms such as strategy and risk diversification in terms of our own financial system apart especially for advanced traders. A prerequisite for a successful trade is in fact first of all that refers to the strategy of Top Traders and selects accordingly.

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Binary options compared – the top brokers in 2015

Financial analysts have compiled all the information for you, so that you can see the right broker for trading binary options, see – and not fall for the “black sheep” and fraudsters of the total still quite new industry among financial service providers; Can maximize with the right strategies to gain and acquire the necessary knowledge of Binary options – avoid the critical mistakes when trading binary options; Always informed about the latest developments, new entrants and News brokers – and can benefit from it.

The successful trading binary options begins with the following steps:

Interested in trading with binary options and put this one to her personal financial assets. Therefore it is priority no. 1, to provide an unbiased summary of test and evaluation of the respective online broker.


Binary Options – What you need to know

Online Trading – A computer game?

Reputable online brokers put in their general terms and conditions requires first of all that the Trader has full legal capacity, has completed 18 years of age and his personal details are correct. The Trading binary options is not a computer game. The basis of binary options make real, global financial markets, which are dependent on many market factors. Therefore offers providers a risk warning to action binary options.

How do you recognize reputable online broker ?


Conversely, you require at a reputable online broker that he his information on your gains and losses and the payouts are responsibly managed their assets and correctly. In tests and reviews why we attach particular importance to the first front seriousness in the German market active online broker. Thus, for example, the regulation and licensing by a state regulatory body for financial services in accordance with EU directives, the most important point. Choosing best Binary Option robot is very delicate step so choose it wisely.

The regulatory supervision and deposit insurance

Most online brokers are not based in Germany. That’s basically no negative criterion, which raises doubts about the seriousness, because the regulation by a State Inspectorate carried out according to EU directives, the seat can be so in another EU country.


The regulation according to EU directives and an additional deposit guarantee a deposit guarantee fund in this combination, the safest way to make a reputable broker identified. Those two conditions ensure that segregated customer funds managed by the company capital and the customers are here on compensated in case of loss from the deposit insurance fund. If the online broker as so at worst, into bankruptcy, the customer funds are not violable and separated from the bankruptcy estate, the Deposit Guarantee Fund will pay the money to the customer. For information on the deposit guarantee the amount in question is crucial, only up to that amount secured the funds can be paid out together to all customers.

In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the measure of all things. Who is headquartered in the UK, should be able to demonstrate there is a broker’s license and regulate the FCA.

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Binary Options Brokers Comparison with all providers: For Binary options compared

Here you will find not only an extensive broker comparison, but also learn everything about trading with binary options. See which binary options strategies are promising, where there is the best demo account and where a particularly attractive bonus awaits new customers. We provide you with top of that news from the world of brokers, and show you how you can maximize your profit. With us, you will also find detailed reviews of numerous commercial vendors. But first we start with a few basics.

  1. Easily understand Binary Options

Binary Options Broker comparison before binary options gains experience, one should look at once, what this is all accurate. Binary Options often referred to as digital options, are enjoying as trading instruments more and more popular. One reason for this is the simple operation and handling of these financial instruments. A major difference to the traditional options trading is particularly attractive for beginners – the low financial risk and the excellent scalability. So try to look for  Best Binary Option Brokers like Banc de Binary site on Internet to choose your broker.

For classical exchange-traded options traders need to pay often high option premiums – however you can trade binary options with just a few euro use. As you can see options offered by comparative well in Binary, the insert may vary depending on the broker for binary options. So it is flexible and can find a provider that corresponds to the own risk level best.


Although binary options are very easy to understand and also the beginner will not have difficulties to enter the trade, so you should be familiar at least with all the opportunities they have to offer these trading instruments. There are several commercial species and the classic and simplest is the Call / Put trade shows.

Up or down? Binary options are straightforward

In Call / Put trade it comes to the rise or fall of courses

When Touch Trading, it is not just about the general price development, but rather a bet on whether the price of binary options touches a certain price mark before the end of the maturity or not. A distinction is made between 1Touch and no-touch options. In the former case wins the trader if the trade mark is touched once, and if the option is not achieved in the second variant a course in the entire period indicated. In this kind of trading mostly higher returns is possible, as is the case with the classical binary options, the risk determines the level of profits.


  1. The laws of trade binary options

As the performance of these trading instruments of an Underlying is dependent, they belong to the so-called derivatives. Base figures available are, for example, Forex currency pairs such as Euro / US dollar, but also national and international stocks and indices such as the DAX or Dow Jones available.

Especially popular are speculations on price movements of the major currencies, ie euro, dollar and pound sterling. However, commodities such as gold or oil offer several interesting trading opportunities. Virtually all leading brokers have a large selection of forex currency pairs and the main commodities and indices in the program so as also BDSwiss or anyoption. Assuming as a trader from rising prices, so you buy a call option. With put options will be set accordingly on falling prices.

Obvious benefit: risk and return clearly defined

In practice, the trade is as follows: First, it comes to choose one of the available binary options and so choosing primarily the underlying. If you have selected the classic binary options, it’s merely the rise or fall of the course. Assuming as a trader from rising, so you buy a call option. With put options will be set accordingly on falling prices. In this way, many more trading opportunities arise, as would be the case, for example, in the classical trading with shares, in which only the rising prices of the shares are of importance.

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Binary options – Broker experiences

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are one of the so-called exotic options, and are also known as Digital Options. Since 2008 binary options brokers in the market and offer on online trading platforms standard options on exchange-traded underlying assets such as stocks, commodities, indices and foreign exchange to. From classic options, binary options differ mainly by the short term and a simpler structure. Depending on the broker be the maturities between 30 for 60 seconds up to a month.

When trading a binary option trader for a baseline is an addition to the term of which development of the price he expected the end of this forward contract. Here is only decided between a put or call option, i.e. a gamble on an either rising or falling price of the underlying. Where a forecast, he receives a pre-determined by the binary options broker returns. Does not a prognosis, the trader loses his bet? So apply for binary options “Cash or Nothing”.


Binary options are no capital investment, trading with binary options takes place on a purely speculative basis and highly risky. It will not acquire any real assets such as the purchase of shares or bonds, and the amount used can lead to a total loss. To keep the risk to a reasonable range, it is recommended to choose especially broker with low minimum bet, this is especially true for beginners. Ideally, these are 1-10 EUR.

What the trader should consider before first Trade

First, the trader must of course opt for a binary options broker. For this we should have recourse to independent tests, reviews and experiences, where all information is contained and not only a range of benefits and Recommendation, necessarily choose this broker. Each broker has some contra points, weigh which is whether they are covered for the trader himself to the weight or rather negligible.

Experiences and comparisons Binary Options Broker

Experience with Binary options brokers are represented on the Internet with very different results, especially in trader forums. During swears a trader to the broker XY, because he has achieved in this mainly a good statistic, another trader has a contrary opinion on this because he has retracted losses mainly. Lens these experiences are not so. They give only a personal experience again, which is positive or negative on an issue, and that determines a good or bad opinion about the broker. For comparisons of binary options brokers, these forums are therefore not suitable as a sole source of information. If a trader had bad experiences in making payments, may be in another the opposite is true, and here, too, the statement limited to a criterion and an experience.


Test & reviews and experiences

In line with the rapid growth of the binary options brokers, there are now also many review sites with tests & reviews, experiences, rankings and recommendations. Some read like an anonymous advertising side of the recommended and Brokers are also available. Criticisms of the services, a lack of regulation or high fees is missing in this case, of course, and there are enumerated only the benefits of these brokers. From independent reviews and experiences so we cannot speak.

Neutral, self-determining opinions

the-best-gift-to-give-yourself-a-trading-journal-2012-8-8-7-45-26Associated with the binary options broker companies, such as the parent company or the specified company in the legal documents such as Terms and Terms and Conditions, we examine the extent possible also on seriousness, negative advertising or even warnings from regulators.

All services such as the amount of fees, any free monthly payments, minimum payments, and minimum bets as well as the various marketing options, Demo Account, Mobile Trading capabilities and much more, we evaluate and compare with  Best Binary Options brokers and robots.

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Demo Account With or Without Conditions

Theme Icon: Customer Support In addition to the free demo account, which is available for a deposit, there are other forms of binary options broker demo account. A frequently more appropriate account type is the temporary account. Here, the trader must register with a few personal details. After logging in, they can use the demo for a limited period. Common here is a trial period of up to 30 days, but sometimes there are just a few hours. This type of account allows you to make first steps in the binary options trading. Who should be too short of time, logs on again.

As the Binary Options Demo shows comparison, a free demo account ideally is a full demo account without conditions as a deposit or a time-limited usability. For traders that is advantageous in that they only have to register and your demo account can be used completely free of charge and without any restrictions then. If no deposit is required, it will if necessary a referral back also not a problem.

In summary:

  • Only some binary options broker with free demo accounts
  • Demo account with deposit or temporal limitation
  • Ideally, provides broker demo account without conditions
  • Broker Comparison – Demo account in detail

Theme Nicon: Conclusion

devices-winOur very clear recommendation applies IQ option. IQ option forms one of the brokers who see the need to offer their customers a free demo account. Here is certainly not customer loyalty in the foreground, because the broker can convince with its terms. Cashback up to 45%, and yields of more than 90% in the classical binary options speak their own language. Nevertheless, the broker provides its customers with a free demo account. For this purpose, moreover, no long registration process is necessary – a valid e-mail address is sufficient for registration.

While the interested parties will not be charged the entire trade deal available, but at least the risk-free trading of 5 basic values ​​is possible. This strategy can also be tested in the long term, without which their own credit reduced. Now with the opening of the way, be provided $ 10,000 available to the demo account. Since the minimum trade sums turn out very low with $ 1, you run no danger here, to drive the demo account to zero.

mt4_demo_accountThe Banc De Binary experiences describe the broker as a particularly customer-friendly, which underlines its offer for a demo account. In the Cypriot broker there are some special considerations. It is striking that hardly is an indication for the demo account on the home page. There are only an indication that a demo with a virtual capital of 50,000 euros will be provided. Whoever wants to know a Banc De Binary demo account in detail must contact support and appeal specifically to the possibility of using a demo account. The Banc De Binary experience showed that traders will get at this broker a demo account only simultaneously with an application for real trading account.

banc-de-binaryAmong the brokers for binary options highlighted the option fair experience, that this is one of the few providers that offers its customers a real demo account. The registration can be done easily and traders can start directly to trade binary options with play money. Although the OptionFair Demo Account in detail provides a limited useful life of 5 days, but at this time it is possible to practice trading completely risk-free binary options. The Binary Options Demo Account is provided by our OptionFair experience with 500 € play money. Unlike other brokers, it is not necessary here to deposit real money. The profit on the play money can keep traders as bonus money – everything is generated as a plus when trading in the demo, is owned by the trader when he decides after the demo account for a live account. Our Binary Options tips assist with the first steps in the trade.

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